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Who is at fault when a dog bites a victim?

Dogs are excellent companions to many Southern California residents. They are popular pets because they are generally kind and loyal, and many Encino residents take great pride in training their dogs to behave properly when faced with new situations. Though dogs are animals and can be prone to unexpected reactions, dog owners are responsible for ensuring that their pets act safely in the presence of others.

Negligence causes many personal injury accidents

Legal claims can be overwhelming for personal injury victims to pursue on their own. It is often helpful for them to discuss their possible lawsuits with attorneys that understand the relevant laws and legal theories that may be applicable to their cases. Encino residents who have suffered harm at the hands of others may have claims based on negligence regardless of whether their injuries were sustained in car accidents, slip-and-fall incidents or others.

Slip-and-fall injuries can inflict serious harm on their victims

Southern California residents may not have to contend with snow and ice in the winter but that does not mean that they are free from hazards that can cause them to slip, slide, and fall. From wet sidewalks and store floors to uneven staircases and loose carpets, a number of indoor and outdoor threats can place Encino residents in dangerous positions and can subject them to injuries when they fall due to the negligence of others.

Potential damages in a wrongful death lawsuit

One part of being human is that people make mistakes and many accidents occur every day in California. Most of them are minor such as spilling a drink, but others can be very serious and have a huge impact on people's lives. The person who caused the accident often times have to take responsibility for their actions. That is the basis for most personal injury lawsuits. The victims have a right to receive compensation from the person who caused the accident and their injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries suffered in car crashes are devastating

There are many different ways that people in California are injured and there are many different types of injuries. Some of the injuries can be mild and not have a great effect on one's life, but some can completely change people's lives. This is true when people are injured in car crashes. Sometimes the accident is minor and people walk away with only bumps and bruises. However, sometimes the accidents are very devastating and people can be left with life-changing injuries such as traumatic brain injuries.

Woman killed in a hit-and-run accident while crossing the street

There are many situations where people in California need to pay attention to their surroundings and be careful. However, sometimes even when people are doing everything they are supposed to do, they still end up in accidents due to the actions of others around them. Some of these accidents are life-changing events not only for the victim, but their families and friends as well. People can suffer severe injuries and even die as a result of the accidents.

Whiplash can cause significant problems after a car crash

When people drive in California there are many things that they can control. They can control their speed, whether they signal turns and check blind spots. They can control whether they use their phone or not and many other things that could lead to accidents. However, there are things they cannot control as well. The main thing is that they cannot control the actions of the other drivers on the road. So, even the safest driver could end up in a car accident because other drivers negligence.

Who is liable for compensating dog bite victims?

Dogs are commonly referred to as man's best friend and many people own dogs in California. They can be great additions to a home and can provide great companionship. However, at times they can become aggressive, even dogs who have not been aggressive in the past. They are still animals and when they are in unfamiliar situations or feel threatened, they may react in an aggressive way. Sometimes this aggression leads to the dog biting another dog or human.

When is a property owner liable for injuries on their property?

People in California enter onto other people's property every day. Most of the time this occurs as they go to a store, a gas station or any other type of business. These types of business generally are inviting people onto their property as well because they need people in their stores in order to purchase goods and keep them in business. As people go into these locations, they expect that they will simply go in and purchase what they are looking for and leave.

Drunk driving is very dangerous and causes many accidents

There are many people in California who drink alcohol and they consume it for many different reasons. Drinking alcohol by itself is not necessarily dangerous, but the choices people make while under the influence can be very dangerous. One of these dangerous choices is driving a motor vehicle. Most people know the dangers of it, but for many different reasons still decide to drive drunk. This unfortunately is not only dangerous to the person driving but all other motorists on the roads.

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