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Protecting Californians from wrongful evictions

Finding a safe and affordable place to live can be a major challenge in Southern California. Despite the many advantages of living in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, identifying an abundance of suitable places to reside is not one of them. When a person finds a secure and well-situated place to move their family, they may jump on the opportunity to rent it and move in.

Important terms in a landlord-tenant lease agreement

When a California residents wishes to secure a residential space in which to live they may have to sign a lease agreement to take over the space of their choice. A lease gives a tenant a right to live on the property of another person and certain powers to have their residential space properly maintained. This post will address some of the important terms that should be included in residential lease agreements but readers are encouraged to have their real estate attorneys review their own agreements for additional issues.

Rules for returning a rental security deposit

There are many people in California who rent their apartments and homes. These renters generally have leases with their landlords and those are generally signed prior to the tenant moving in and they establish the landlord-tenant relationship. Another aspect that occurs is that the tenant pays a security deposit to the landlord. This is money paid that the landlord must keep for the tenant that can be used by the landlord to fix any damages caused by the tenant during the time they are renting the apartment.

Landlords have a duty to keep apartments habitable

There are many people in California who rent apartments, condos or other types of housing. When these people rent, they usually have a lease that they sign with the landlord. The leases contain the terms of the agreement between the landlord and tenant as to the amount of rent each month, when the rent is due, penalties for late payment, how to terminate the lease and other rules for renting the property. After signing the lease both the landlord and tenant are expected to abide by the terms they agreed to.

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