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February 2019 Archives

Why won't my insurance cover my car accident?

Being involved in a car accident can feel like a living nightmare. In addition to worrying about the safety of yourself, your loved ones and other people on the road, you will find yourself weighing up the financial damages. This will likely lead you to a lengthy process in which you attempt to gain back damages from your insurance provider.

Driver crashes into pedestrians in Fullerton

A night out with friends should be a stress-free way to blow off steam and enjoy one's time outside work and family commitments. In Southern California, residents have a multitude of opportunities to find fun and exciting new restaurants, bars, and other businesses where they can relax and enjoy themselves. However, a popular district in Fullerton known for its nightlife was recently shocked by a horrible accident when a pack of people was run down by an impaired driver.

Protecting Californians from wrongful evictions

Finding a safe and affordable place to live can be a major challenge in Southern California. Despite the many advantages of living in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, identifying an abundance of suitable places to reside is not one of them. When a person finds a secure and well-situated place to move their family, they may jump on the opportunity to rent it and move in.

Pure comparative fault in personal injury cases

This blog has offered prior posts on negligence and how it may form the basis of legal claims for accident and injury victims. If a person is able to establish that someone owed them a duty and that party breached their duty and caused the victim harm, that victim may be able to sue for the recovery of their losses. However, in some cases, it may come out through the facts that the victims actually carried some blame for their own harm and may have contributed to the events that caused their injuries.

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