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Motorist killed while checking vehicle on freeway

Drivers are responsible for maintaining the safe operation of their vehicles. This can mean ensuring that their brake lights work, their signals are operational, and their tires are sound. Poorly maintained vehicles can be threats to drivers as well as others who may encounter the vehicles while out on the roads.

Recently a Southern California driver stopped his vehicle in the shoulder of the 210 freeway near Rancho Cucamonga. It was reported that he may have been investigating a tire and possibly changing it. At around 7:30 in the evening he was struck by a moving vehicle that was traveling down the freeway, and the driver of that vehicle failed to stop upon causing the collision.

The victim in this story died of his injuries at the scene of the accident, and law enforcement officials were forced to hunt for the hit-and-run driver as well as the vehicle they used to claim the victim's life. While the vehicle, which sustained body damage in the crash, was found around two miles away from the accident site, police are still looking for the female driver who caused the deadly accident.

This tragedy is a sad example of what can happen on any given day to anyone who must share the road with others. The victim-motorist in this story may have been looking to keep his vehicle safe when he was struck by an irresponsible driver, and for his decision he lost his life. While his identity has not been released, if this victim had loved ones they may have options for pursuing wrongful death claims against the responsible driver once she is caught.

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