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January 2019 Archives

Does California recognize holographic wills?

A will can be an important document to include in one's estate plan. Through it a person can direct where they want items of their property to be distributed, as well as assign individuals to be caretakers of their children and dependents. To create a valid will, an Encino resident must be an adult, be of sound mind, and must have two individuals witness the signing.

Motorist killed while checking vehicle on freeway

Drivers are responsible for maintaining the safe operation of their vehicles. This can mean ensuring that their brake lights work, their signals are operational, and their tires are sound. Poorly maintained vehicles can be threats to drivers as well as others who may encounter the vehicles while out on the roads.

Making a successful car accident claim as a pedestrian

If you were hit by a car as a pedestrian in California, you may be wondering about whether you have the right to make a claim against the driver. It was the vehicle that ultimately caused you an unnecessary injury, so many people automatically assume that the driver of the vehicle should pay compensation for all damages.

Are dog owners strictly liable for non-bite injuries to others?

An attack by a vicious dog can leave a victim with serious medical complications and may even cause them life-threatening injuries. Pain, suffering, disfigurement, and death are all possible outcomes from dog attacks. In California, when a dog bites another person, their owner is strictly liable for the harm the dog causes the victim.

Spinal cord injuries are associated with paralysis

Serious accidents can leave California residents with significant physical harm. Past posts on this blog have discussed traumatic brain injuries, whiplash, and a host of other damages that victims can be forced to live with after an accident. This post will discuss spinal cord injuries, a serious medical condition that is associated with different forms of paralysis.

Damages for victims of personal injury accidents

A car accident may leave a victim with broken bones, brain trauma, pain, suffering, and emotional shock. On top of this, they will almost certainly face enormous medical bills, and they will probably lose income during the time it takes to recover from their injuries. In cases of serious injury, they may never be able to return to work, and thus their loss of income may be permanent.

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