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Who is at fault when a dog bites a victim?

Dogs are excellent companions to many Southern California residents. They are popular pets because they are generally kind and loyal, and many Encino residents take great pride in training their dogs to behave properly when faced with new situations. Though dogs are animals and can be prone to unexpected reactions, dog owners are responsible for ensuring that their pets act safely in the presence of others.

Under the law, California dog owners are strictly liable for any damages that their pet may inflict upon others. A victim need not prove negligence to show that a dog owner is responsible for the harm the dog imposed on them: strict liability mandates that dog owners be held liable for the damages their pets cause.

However, exceptions to this rule exist and should be mentioned in this post. When dogs are provoked or attacked, put in situations where they must defend themselves or are antagonized by those they bite, dog bite victims may hold blame for their injuries. The owners of animals that are instigated into acting and that do cause injuries to individuals may not be responsible for the harm their pets create.

Dog bites can be serious medical issues for victims and should be treated by medical professionals. The physical and emotional trauma associated with surviving a dog attack can be great, and individuals who do live through such events may struggle to find normalcy in their lives. Litigation based upon dog bite injuries and losses can provide victims with compensation to seek treatments and counseling to get back to their lives after coming to terms with their attacks.

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