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Make sure that hidden costs are covered after a car accident

Car accident victims in the state of California tend to believe that their insurance company will fight their corner when it comes to getting a fair claim. This should be the case. However, many people experience shortcomings in their insurance company's willingness to make adequate payouts.

It is also very common for car accident victims to underestimate the total financial and emotional costs of the accident. It is likely that there will be many ways in which the accident impacts you. It is vital that you get the support you need to ensure that all costs of the accident are accounted for.

What are some hidden costs of a car accident that insurance companies may fail to account for?

It is common for victims of car accidents to deal with emotional issues after the harrowing crash. For example, you may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the aftermath of the accident. PTSD can severely impact a person's life, and they may develop a phobia of driving a car.

This can have a financial impact on a person, and it should also be treated appropriately, through therapy or however a medical professional sees fit. Therefore, if you are suffering from PTSD after a car accident, your insurance company should recognize this and make sure that you are compensated for the associated costs.

In addition, insurance companies may fail to account for other costs such as a loss of wages due to taking time off work after an accident, emotional stress, taking time off work to care for a child and costs for counseling sessions.

When should I seek help from an attorney?

It's important to be aware that insurance companies are a business: They seek to minimize costs and be as time-efficient as possible. Therefore, while they should be on your side, they may not truly fight for the compensation you deserve. This is why many car accident victims decide to contact an attorney immediately after the accident, so that they know they will be fully represented.

If you want to gain back the compensation you deserve after a California car accident, it is important to have the right support at your side.

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