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Is your estate plan ready for 2019?

The New Year is practically here and readers of this Encino-based legal blog may be busy preparing themselves for parties and celebrations on December 31. However, individuals should also be taking time out of their hectic holiday schedules to consider if one of their most important planning tools is current and accurate: their end of life estate plan.

An estate plan is an important set of legal tools that provides advice ad insights on how decedents want their assets distributed when they have passed on. Estate plans can include wills and trusts, directives regarding the appointment of representatives for making health care and financial decisions, and others. Different estate plans can have different contents and organizations and may accomplish different goals based on the needs of those who created them.

If a reader of this post does not have an estate plan, they should make one. An estate planning attorney can help them get their affairs in order so that their loved ones are not left guessing as to what they think the decedent's end of life wishes might have been. If a reader has a plan in place, though, they should review it to make sure it still meets their expectations and desires.

The documents included in a California resident's estate plan can be modified, destroyed or replaced. These changes may be necessary as changes in a person's life occur. Marriage, divorce, the birth of children, and other life events can necessitate changes to individuals' estate plans impose burdens on them to ensure that their end of life wishes will be respected. Attorneys are often useful counselors for those who need estate plans or who need to change theirs to reflect their current needs.

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