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December 2018 Archives

Important terms in a landlord-tenant lease agreement

When a California residents wishes to secure a residential space in which to live they may have to sign a lease agreement to take over the space of their choice. A lease gives a tenant a right to live on the property of another person and certain powers to have their residential space properly maintained. This post will address some of the important terms that should be included in residential lease agreements but readers are encouraged to have their real estate attorneys review their own agreements for additional issues.

Who is at fault when a dog bites a victim?

Dogs are excellent companions to many Southern California residents. They are popular pets because they are generally kind and loyal, and many Encino residents take great pride in training their dogs to behave properly when faced with new situations. Though dogs are animals and can be prone to unexpected reactions, dog owners are responsible for ensuring that their pets act safely in the presence of others.

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