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Slip-and-fall injuries can inflict serious harm on their victims

Southern California residents may not have to contend with snow and ice in the winter but that does not mean that they are free from hazards that can cause them to slip, slide, and fall. From wet sidewalks and store floors to uneven staircases and loose carpets, a number of indoor and outdoor threats can place Encino residents in dangerous positions and can subject them to injuries when they fall due to the negligence of others.

A number of different falls/adult falls injuries are associated with falls. Minor bumps and bruises can result on victims' bodies when they hit the floor or ground due to tripping hazards. More serious injuries can also result, such as broken bones and sprained joints when falls are more significant. In worst case scenarios, victims can suffer head trauma and even death when their injuries are life-threatening.

When a victim suffers a fall there are a number of considerations that must be undertaken in order to determine liability. For example, an assessment of whether the responsible property owner owed the victim of a duty of care must be established, and an evaluation of a victim's status as an invitee, visitor, or trespasser may weigh on their capacity to recover their damages.

People slip and fall each day due to their own clumsiness, but more often than not serious falls are the result of poor property management and negligence. When victims are hurt due to the failure of property owners to manage the hazards on their land and in their structures, victims may have legal rights to recover their damages. These personal injury cases can be managed by attorneys who work in the personal injury field of law.

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