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Negligence causes many personal injury accidents

Legal claims can be overwhelming for personal injury victims to pursue on their own. It is often helpful for them to discuss their possible lawsuits with attorneys that understand the relevant laws and legal theories that may be applicable to their cases. Encino residents who have suffered harm at the hands of others may have claims based on negligence regardless of whether their injuries were sustained in car accidents, slip-and-fall incidents or others.

Negligence is a legal theory that suggests that in any given situation there is a reasonable way that a person should conduct themselves. When a person fails to act in accordance with the standard applicable to their situation they may be negligent. For example, if a driver is operating their vehicle on the highway and elects to send text messages as they travel down the road, they may be considered negligent when they cause a crash.

This is because a reasonable driver would give their full attention to the act of driving and would not let a distraction like texting take their focus away from the road. By failing to meet the appropriate standard of care of reasonableness in their given situation, the texting driver would breach their duty to their victim and act negligently to the detriment of others.

Negligence is an important theory for civil claims based on personal injuries and losses. It requires that victims prove specific elements in order to be asserted in court but when it is properly presented by victims it can open up a myriad of different forms of damages. This post is offered as an introduction to the topic of negligence but readers with further questions should consult with their own personal injury attorneys.

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