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Woman killed in a hit-and-run accident while crossing the street

There are many situations where people in California need to pay attention to their surroundings and be careful. However, sometimes even when people are doing everything they are supposed to do, they still end up in accidents due to the actions of others around them. Some of these accidents are life-changing events not only for the victim, but their families and friends as well. People can suffer severe injuries and even die as a result of the accidents.

Unfortunately this is what occurred as a woman was simply crossing the street with her friends. She was crossing the street in a marked cross walk just like she was supposed to do, but a car did not stop for her and struck her. The woman later died in a hospital from her injuries. Making the situation even worse, the driver of the vehicle that hit her did not stop and the police have still not been able to find the driver. The woman who was killed was married and had two young children that will somehow have to move on without her.

This is a very tragic situation and now her husband and children are left grieving without their wife and mother. This will obviously be a very difficult time emotionally, but it may also be a difficult time financially as well. When families lose loved ones in fatal accidents, they lose not only a source of income, but also lose many of the services the person provided for the family. This can include caring for the children, cooking, cleaning, providing love and advice and many other things, which will need to be replaced, which can cost even more money.

People in California who find themselves in this extremely difficult situation may be entitled to compensation for their losses though. This compensation can include many of the financial costs associated with the loved one's passing. While this will never bring the loved one back or fill the emotional void in the family's life, it can still be very valuable as they move on as best they can. Experienced attorneys understand how difficult these situations are and may be a useful resource.

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