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August 2018 Archives

California has a large number of pedestrian fatalities each year

Driving is the preferred mode of transportation for many people in California. However, there are many people who walk to where they need to get to. Also, even people who drive to their destination sometimes do have to walk a short distance to get to actual place they are going to. This involves walking through parking lots or crossing streets. This means that pedestrians have to interact with the other vehicles on the road and that can be dangerous for pedestrians.

The danger of a crash with an uninsured driver in California

Getting into any kind of car crash can cause major issues in your life. There are financial expenses related to medical care and repairing your damaged vehicle. The accident itself could make you late for work or have other consequences for your social or professional life. Obviously, avoiding crashes in the first place is the ideal. However, that's not always possible.

Person in critical condition after crash on highway

Many people in California spend a lot of time in their vehicles each day and know that there are many, many other vehicles on the roads with them. Due to this congestion it is important that everyone pays attention to what they are doing and follows the various rules of the road. This is because when people do get distracted, speed, change lanes without looking and other similar behavior they can cause car accidents and innocent victims may end up with serious injuries as a result.

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