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Do you know how to minimize the risks of cycling in Encino?

Many people still remember that feeling of freedom and empowerment they experienced the first time they got out on a bicycle by themselves. The idea that you could go anywhere you wanted, as long as your legs didn't give out, was probably enjoyable and very liberating. For some people, that first taste of freedom is the beginning of a lifelong passion.

Adult cyclists have even more freedom than bike-riding kids, of course. They can commute to work, school and even household errands like shopping on their bikes. There's no parent to set curfews or tell them they have to wear helmets. It is hoped that adult bike enthusiasts make wise choices about risk management and reduction while biking on public roads.

Helmets and abiding by the laws can keep you safer

While no one can force you to wear a helmet  while riding a bike, it's still a very good idea. After all, cyclists don't have the protection of a vehicle surrounding them in the event of an accident. Make sure your helmet fits snugly, and replace it if you get into an accident or otherwise damage it.

Knowing the rules of the road can also help keep you safer. There are laws in California that govern how cyclists share the roads with motorists. Respecting the rules helps you stay safe and arrive alive at your destinations. You should also invest in protective riding clothing and good shoes, which can help reduce the risk of road rash if you take a sudden spill.

Cyclists can get severely hurt in collisions

No matter how safe you are, you can still get hurt on a bike. It only takes a second for a driver to hit you and change your life as you know it. Motorists frequently open the doors of their vehicles right in cyclists' paths, leading to potentially debilitating "dooring" accidents. They often merge without looking into cyclists' lanes, striking them or forcing them to dive off of their bikes to avoid collisions.

You could suffer life-altering or fatal injuries caused by drivers. Wearing a helmet reduces your risk of death and debilitating brain injuries. Choosing to bike safely, in marked lanes and with visibility aids like reflectors and lights in place, can reduce your risk of injuries or death.

If you get into a cycling accident with a motorist, reviewing your legal options is advisable. You may decide to file a claim for damages or a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident. That may allow you to recoup both the property damages and medical costs associated with the accident.

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