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Important terms in a landlord-tenant lease agreement

When a California residents wishes to secure a residential space in which to live they may have to sign a lease agreement to take over the space of their choice. A lease gives a tenant a right to live on the property of another person and certain powers to have their residential space properly maintained. This post will address some of the important terms that should be included in residential lease agreements but readers are encouraged to have their real estate attorneys review their own agreements for additional issues.

First, a lease agreement should clearly identify the parties who will be bound by the agreement and a description of the space that is to be leased. The parties should include in this basic information the dates that the lease will be in effect as well as the price the tenant is expected to pay the landlord each month to maintain the lease and when those payments are due.

Who is at fault when a dog bites a victim?

Dogs are excellent companions to many Southern California residents. They are popular pets because they are generally kind and loyal, and many Encino residents take great pride in training their dogs to behave properly when faced with new situations. Though dogs are animals and can be prone to unexpected reactions, dog owners are responsible for ensuring that their pets act safely in the presence of others.

Under the law, California dog owners are strictly liable for any damages that their pet may inflict upon others. A victim need not prove negligence to show that a dog owner is responsible for the harm the dog imposed on them: strict liability mandates that dog owners be held liable for the damages their pets cause.

Negligence causes many personal injury accidents

Legal claims can be overwhelming for personal injury victims to pursue on their own. It is often helpful for them to discuss their possible lawsuits with attorneys that understand the relevant laws and legal theories that may be applicable to their cases. Encino residents who have suffered harm at the hands of others may have claims based on negligence regardless of whether their injuries were sustained in car accidents, slip-and-fall incidents or others.

Negligence is a legal theory that suggests that in any given situation there is a reasonable way that a person should conduct themselves. When a person fails to act in accordance with the standard applicable to their situation they may be negligent. For example, if a driver is operating their vehicle on the highway and elects to send text messages as they travel down the road, they may be considered negligent when they cause a crash.

Car accident victims may need help immediately

Car accidents rarely occur at convenient times, especially when they cause serious injuries. The urgency of dealing with the immediate medical needs of the victims means that the legal issues at hand often get pushed to back burner or left entirely in the hands of the insurance providers involved.

Unfortunately, many victims realize that insurance companies typically do not move as quickly as medical bills can pile up, and pressure may begin to mount, pushing the victims to consider settling for much less than they deserve because they need proper treatment and face mounting medical debt. In many cases, insurance companies drag out the process as long as they can to wear down their own customers into accepting less.

What documents should be included in an estate plan?

Not long ago this Encino-based legal blog discussed the problems that can develop if a person passes away without a will in place. A will is a common and well-known estate planning tool that directs the distribution of a person's property and money to beneficiaries. Though a will is an important tool to have included in one's estate plan, it is not the only thing that a person needs to ensure that their property and rights are protected.

Another important estate planning tool that a person may need to put in place is a living will. This type of estate planning document is necessary to make sure that individuals' medical care wishes are respected and honored. A person who is named in a living will is allowed to make important medical decisions for them if the document creator cannot make decisions for themselves.

Slip-and-fall injuries can inflict serious harm on their victims

Southern California residents may not have to contend with snow and ice in the winter but that does not mean that they are free from hazards that can cause them to slip, slide, and fall. From wet sidewalks and store floors to uneven staircases and loose carpets, a number of indoor and outdoor threats can place Encino residents in dangerous positions and can subject them to injuries when they fall due to the negligence of others.

A number of different falls/adult falls injuries are associated with falls. Minor bumps and bruises can result on victims' bodies when they hit the floor or ground due to tripping hazards. More serious injuries can also result, such as broken bones and sprained joints when falls are more significant. In worst case scenarios, victims can suffer head trauma and even death when their injuries are life-threatening.

Rules for returning a rental security deposit

There are many people in California who rent their apartments and homes. These renters generally have leases with their landlords and those are generally signed prior to the tenant moving in and they establish the landlord-tenant relationship. Another aspect that occurs is that the tenant pays a security deposit to the landlord. This is money paid that the landlord must keep for the tenant that can be used by the landlord to fix any damages caused by the tenant during the time they are renting the apartment.

When the tenant leaves there are rules governing how the landlord must handle the security deposit. Within 21 days of the tenant moving out, the landlord must do one of two things. They must either return the entire amount of the security deposit or give the tenant a written letter listing the damages as well as receipts or estimates for the costs of the repairs along with any remaining portion of the security deposit.

Potential damages in a wrongful death lawsuit

One part of being human is that people make mistakes and many accidents occur every day in California. Most of them are minor such as spilling a drink, but others can be very serious and have a huge impact on people's lives. The person who caused the accident often times have to take responsibility for their actions. That is the basis for most personal injury lawsuits. The victims have a right to receive compensation from the person who caused the accident and their injuries.

Unfortunately sometimes people are killed in these accidents though. So, it is the family of the victim who is entitled to the compensation as opposed to the victim. Losing a loved one in a fatal accident can be very devastating and have a huge impact on the family both emotionally and financially. While only time can help heal the emotional damages, the family can receive compensation for the financial losses from the person who caused the fatal accident.

Traumatic brain injuries suffered in car crashes are devastating

There are many different ways that people in California are injured and there are many different types of injuries. Some of the injuries can be mild and not have a great effect on one's life, but some can completely change people's lives. This is true when people are injured in car crashes. Sometimes the accident is minor and people walk away with only bumps and bruises. However, sometimes the accidents are very devastating and people can be left with life-changing injuries such as traumatic brain injuries.

Those injuries can affect the victims' lives in many different ways. There can be physical problems such as loss of consciousness, headaches, seizures, numbness in fingers and toes and others. They can also cause cognitive problems such as difficulties speaking or writing, ability to organize thoughts and other issues. Sometimes the victims' behavior will change such as having verbal and physical outbursts, trouble in social situations, lack self-control and other issues. Some may even suffer from depression, anxiety, mood swings and other emotional issues.

Vehicles make your healthy habits, like jogging, dangerous

Jogging or even brisk walking are good habits to have. Getting daily exercise is one of the most important things you can do to improve your overall health, longevity and quality of life. Walking and jogging are both cost-effective and simple ways to stay active without investing in a gym membership or specialized equipment.

Unfortunately, while walking and jogging are healthy decisions, they can also increase your risk for a serious injury. It increases your risk of death on your excursion 150 percent compared to someone in a vehicle. Unless you exercise on a designated track or special trail, chances are good that you are walking either on the sidewalk or the edge of the road.

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