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Who receives one's property if a person dies without a will?

There are not many things that are guaranteed in life in California, but one of the unfortunate ones is that no one lives forever. At some point in time everyone will pass away. When this occurs, people are not able to take any of their money or their possessions with them. Those things will then have to be taken care of in some fashion. There are two different ways that people's property will be distributed. One is pursuant to a will or trust and the other is through California law if there is no will.

Through a will people can direct to which people they want their assets to go. However, if there is no will, if the people have a spouse who survives them then the spouse will receive all the assets. If there is no spouse then the assets will go to the deceased's children in equal shares. If they had no children then the assets will go to their parents in equal shares. If their parents are deceased then they will go to their siblings. If not siblings then it will go to grandparents and if no grandparents, then it will go to uncles or aunts.

Whiplash can cause significant problems after a car crash

When people drive in California there are many things that they can control. They can control their speed, whether they signal turns and check blind spots. They can control whether they use their phone or not and many other things that could lead to accidents. However, there are things they cannot control as well. The main thing is that they cannot control the actions of the other drivers on the road. So, even the safest driver could end up in a car accident because other drivers negligence.

One common example of this is when people are rear-ended by other vehicles. Usually the person who was rear-ended did nothing wrong, but still was struck by another driver who was not paying attention. Unfortunately these types of accidents can also lead to significant injuries for the victims. One of the more common injuries that occur when people are rear-ended is whiplash. This is a common injury because unexpectedly being struck from behind forces people forward and then backward very quickly, which is the motion that causes whiplash.

Who is liable for compensating dog bite victims?

Dogs are commonly referred to as man's best friend and many people own dogs in California. They can be great additions to a home and can provide great companionship. However, at times they can become aggressive, even dogs who have not been aggressive in the past. They are still animals and when they are in unfamiliar situations or feel threatened, they may react in an aggressive way. Sometimes this aggression leads to the dog biting another dog or human.

The dog bites can actually cause significant injuries as well and may force the victims to obtain medical treatment. These victims may be entitled to compensation though. The owners of the dogs are strictly liable any time their dog bites someone whether on public property or private property, even the owners own property, if the victim is lawfully on their property. This is true even if the dog has never bit anyone before or has ever given the owner any reason to believe their dog would bite someone.

3 mistakes to avoid making after a motorcycle crash

After a motorcycle crash, most people will have injuries of some kind. The reality is that motorcycles provide very little protection against injury, so victims of crashes generally do need to go to the hospital.

If you are hurt but able to take some actions at the scene, you could help make the claims process easier. However, keep in mind that there are problems you could cause if you make mistakes at the scene. Here are a few things to avoid doing after a crash.

When is a property owner liable for injuries on their property?

People in California enter onto other people's property every day. Most of the time this occurs as they go to a store, a gas station or any other type of business. These types of business generally are inviting people onto their property as well because they need people in their stores in order to purchase goods and keep them in business. As people go into these locations, they expect that they will simply go in and purchase what they are looking for and leave.

However, sometimes they may be involved in an accident because of a dangerous condition on the property and suffer injuries as a result. If this occurs, the property owner or company leasing the space may be liable to compensate the victim for the injuries. This is not automatic just because the accident occurred on their property though. In order to be liable the property owner must be negligent in keeping the property in a reasonably safe condition for those entering the property.

Landlords have a duty to keep apartments habitable

There are many people in California who rent apartments, condos or other types of housing. When these people rent, they usually have a lease that they sign with the landlord. The leases contain the terms of the agreement between the landlord and tenant as to the amount of rent each month, when the rent is due, penalties for late payment, how to terminate the lease and other rules for renting the property. After signing the lease both the landlord and tenant are expected to abide by the terms they agreed to.

However, the tenant does have some extra rights regardless of whether the terms are specifically stated in the lease. One of these is that the landlord has a duty to keep the apartment and the property habitable for the tenant.

Drunk driving is very dangerous and causes many accidents

There are many people in California who drink alcohol and they consume it for many different reasons. Drinking alcohol by itself is not necessarily dangerous, but the choices people make while under the influence can be very dangerous. One of these dangerous choices is driving a motor vehicle. Most people know the dangers of it, but for many different reasons still decide to drive drunk. This unfortunately is not only dangerous to the person driving but all other motorists on the roads.

Drunk driving causes many car accidents each year and cause many injuries and deaths as well. In 2016, there were a total of 10,497 deaths caused in accidents when a driver had a BAC of .08 or higher. That represents 28% of all fatalities in accidents in 2016. Of the 10,497 fatalities 67 percent were caused by drivers with a BAC of .15 or higher. In California, there were a total of 3,623 fatalities in car accidents and 2,306 of them involved a driver with some level of alcohol in their system and 29 percent were caused by people with a BAC of .08 of higher.

California has a large number of pedestrian fatalities each year

Driving is the preferred mode of transportation for many people in California. However, there are many people who walk to where they need to get to. Also, even people who drive to their destination sometimes do have to walk a short distance to get to actual place they are going to. This involves walking through parking lots or crossing streets. This means that pedestrians have to interact with the other vehicles on the road and that can be dangerous for pedestrians.

In 2016, 2.43 pedestrians per 100,000 people were killed in pedestrian accidents California. This represented the 10th highest rate in the nation. In addition to this high rate for the entire state, Los Angeles County had the most pedestrian fatalities of any county in the U.S. in which 265 pedestrians were killed. The second highest amount was in Maricopa County, Arizona, but there almost half as many fatalities with 133 fatalities.

The danger of a crash with an uninsured driver in California

Getting into any kind of car crash can cause major issues in your life. There are financial expenses related to medical care and repairing your damaged vehicle. The accident itself could make you late for work or have other consequences for your social or professional life. Obviously, avoiding crashes in the first place is the ideal. However, that's not always possible.

After all, you can't control how other people drive. Getting into an accident caused by another driver may actually seem like the best scenario. You may think that if you didn't cause the accident, your insurance premium shouldn't go up, and you shouldn't have to worry about paying for the cost of the crash, right? Unfortunately, if the other driver does not have an insurance policy on their vehicle, you may find yourself without any financial support.

Person in critical condition after crash on highway

Many people in California spend a lot of time in their vehicles each day and know that there are many, many other vehicles on the roads with them. Due to this congestion it is important that everyone pays attention to what they are doing and follows the various rules of the road. This is because when people do get distracted, speed, change lanes without looking and other similar behavior they can cause car accidents and innocent victims may end up with serious injuries as a result.

Unfortunately a major crash recently occurred after a car slammed into the concrete center divider on the highway. A total of four vehicles were involved in the accident and it forced the highway to shut down for many hours. One person was brought to the hospital in critical condition. It was unclear what caused the vehicle to slam into the center divider and the condition of the other individuals involved in the accident was not known.

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