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3 Tips On How To Handle An Insurance Company After An Accident

No one really enjoys talking to an insurance company. When you have just been through a terrible accident, it is the last thing you want to do. However, you need to report the accident as soon as possible so that you can start the claims process.

Keep in mind that after a car accident, insurance companies may try to pay victims as little as possible. Delay tactics are common. The adjuster may even try to unfairly blame you for the accident. The goal may be to get you to take a quick settlement for next to nothing. You need to be very cautious about how you proceed next.

The following tips can help:

1. Do Not Overshare With The Insurance Company's Representative

The insurance company's car accident claims representative may sound genuinely concerned about you, but they are not your friend. The insurance representative has one job: saving the company money. He or she is a trained professional to whom you should only provide factual information.

2. Do Not Give A Recorded Statement

The first contact you make with any insurance company — yours or the other party's — is likely to be soon after the accident. The adjuster can use what you say in your statement against you later. To avoid problems, talk to us and refuse permission for your statement to be recorded.

3. Do Not Sign Any Waivers Or Release Forms

The insurance company may ask you or your passengers to sign waivers regarding your injuries or damages. They may ask you to sign release forms that allow them to get your medical information. Do not sign anything without consulting with a lawyer first.

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