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We Protect The Rights Of Injured Bicyclists

Gas prices, environmental concerns and the desire to be healthy have made bicycling more popular today than it ever was before. It should be a safe, fun way to travel.

Unfortunately, accidents with passenger vehicles and trucks are common. Sometimes drivers fail to pay attention when they park, and they open their doors right into the paths of oncoming cyclists, causing serious injury or head trauma. Other drivers simply do not know how to share the road with bicycle riders. They make foolish mistakes, but the bicycle riders pay the price. Bicyclists may suffer spinal cord injuries or even fatal accidents.

When you need guidance after a devastating bicycle accident, we can help. At the Law Offices of Robin E. Paley, we are never more than a phone call away when you need a lawyer's informed advice and compassionate representation.

We Stay In Contact, You Stay Informed

We realize that you may have a lot of concerns all at once. You may not be able to work. Your medical bills may be stacking up. The insurance company may try to push you to take a quick settlement — or even blame you for the accident.

We know how to answer your questions. We step between you and the insurance company. We do all the negotiating so that you can concentrate on what matters: your recovery. We check on our clients often, so you will never be left wondering what is happening with your case.

Our staff speaks English, Spanish, Armenian, French, Hebrew and Vietnamese. We stick up for the "little guy" because our clients matter to us. Contact us through our online form or call our office at 818-646-7269 for an initial consultation with attorney Robin E. Paley. We represent clients in Encino, California, and throughout Los Angeles County.

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