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For the sake of your loved ones, it is imperative to have a comprehensive estate plan in place. Unfortunately, the estate planning process can be quite complex and many individuals fail to take action until it is too late. We know how important it is to recognize that every person's financial situation is different and what may work in one circumstance might not be effective in another. We have the experience and knowledge to take the proper steps in maximizing the savings and minimizing the costs of your estate.

The Law Offices of Robin E. Paley takes the time to speak with you regarding your interests and concerns. We will take an inventory of all your assets, including an inheritance, property, real estate, IRAs, 401(k)s, investments and bank accounts. Once we understand your goals, we craft a specifically-tailored plan built to achieve what you want.

Serving The Needs Of The Elderly

Attorney Robin Paley cares about the needs of the elderly and has been a longtime volunteer for The Senior Citizens Legal Services Program in San Fernando Valley.

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The Law Offices of Robin E. Paley has its office in Encino, California, and provides representation for individuals throughout the Los Angeles metro area as well as San Bernardino and Orange counties. To contact our law firm to speak with an experienced lawyer, please call 818-646-7269.

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